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Apple IPM Demonstration in Orange and Ulster Counties 1998

Project Leaders: Maire Ullrich, Teresa Rusinek


1. Interested growers work with Cornell Cooperative Extension, IPM, and Cornell University staff to build knowledgeable field personnel.

2. Growers invest and gain confidence in the scout and program thresholds.

3. Other Hudson Valley growers gain interest in IPM scouting through informal communications with the ’98 participants.

4. Staff and growers gain enough experience and trust to be able, in the future, to look at alternative pesticides, cultural controls, and total crop management issues.


Everyone involved in the project gained experience with IPM procedures for apples. The IPM coordinator and the scout became familiar with crop phenology, conventional methods of production, and crop management alternatives. Weather problems precluded the calculating of savings on pest management costs. The three participating growers were satisfied enough to recommend future participation in IPM scouting to their neighbor.