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Refining and Validating a Fungicide Timing Model for Controlling Flyspeck on Apples in the Hudson Valley 1998

Project Leader: D. Rosenberger


Validate the NY Flyspeck Model in at least six commercial orchard locations in the Hudson Valley, with orchards selected to provide a cross-section of probable disease pressure for flyspeck.


During 1998, the flyspeck model was tested for the second year in commercial orchards. Eight test plots were located on four different commercial farms in the Hudson Valley, and additional tests were conducted in a research orchard at the Hudson Valley Laboratory. At three of the four farms and in seven of the eight test plots, fungicides applied according to the flyspeck model provided good control of flyspeck even though 1998 was an exceptionally wet year. Flyspeck was not adequately controlled in one test plot with exceptionally high inoculum. Field tests conducted over the past two years have demonstrated that the NY Flyspeck Model can be used in most locations, but a more conservative spray program may still be needed where inoculum levels are exceptionally high. Using the flyspeck model should allow growers to eliminate one summer fungicide spray each year.