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Comparison of Different Pheromone Release Systems for Mating Disruption of the Obliquebanded Leafroller Integrated with a Biorational Insecticide 1998

Project Leaders: A. Agnello, H. Reissig


1. Compare the effectiveness of different pheromone release systems (puffers, paraffinic emulsions, and sprayable microencapsulations) in disrupting mating and preventing fruit damage by the obliquebanded leafroller (OBLR).

2. Evaluate the effectiveness of integrating novel pheromone release systems and reduced schedules of IPM-compatible insecticides in preventing OBLR fruit damage.


All pheromone dispenser treatments provided good trap shutdown throughout both of the summer flights of OBLR. There were some spikes in the sprayable formulation plots, possibly indicating a shorter residual period of efficacy between applications. Fruit damage levels at the end of July were generally equal or less in the plots treated with the IPM-compatible insecticide (Confirm) than in the plots treated with a standard insecticide. At one orchard where OBLR pressure was heavy, there was 5% damage in plots with the pheromone plus Confirm and 30% damage in the plots treated only with the grower’s standard insecticide