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Use of Trichoderma for Control of Soilborne Pathogens in Onions 1997

Project Leader: Jan van der Heide


Test the effectiveness of the biological fungicide T­22 (Trichoderma harzianum) to control soilborne pathogens in commercial onion production.


Differences in the colonization rates of onion roots by Trichoderma between the various treatments could not be shown to be statistically significant. However, there are clear positive effects of the Trichoderma treatments on onion seedling establishment (35% in plots without Trichoderma and 69% in plots with Trichoderma application rate of 1 lb/A), total yield, Fusarium incidence (reduced from > 8% to < 3% due to Trichoderma), and date of maturity (slightly earlier with Trichoderma). There also seemed to be a suppressive effect from Trichoderma on the pathogens that cause damping-off.