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WNY Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Network 1997

Project Leader: Abby Seaman


1. Continue a network of pheromone traps for sweet corn pests in western and central NY.

2. Provide regional trapping information and recommendations to agents, processor field staff, and consultants working with sweet corn.

3. Provide regional trapping information to processor field staff and growers.


Pheromone trap catches were collated weekly and posted, with scouting and threshold information, on the vegetable extension staff electronic bulletin board and on two of the Northeast Weather Association (NEWA) electronic bulletin boards. To determine how the pheromone trap network can be improved and how growers are using the trap catch information, surveys were sent out in 1997. Sixty-five percent of the survey respondents used the pheromone trap catches to help them time insecticide applications. Forty-eight percent used the information to help time scouting, and forty-two percent used it to help document their IPM practices. Most respondents indicated more than one use of the information. Suggestions were made for an increase in the number of trapping locations.