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Use of Sudangrass for Improved Yield and Quality of Onions Produced on Muck Soils in New York 1997

Project Leader: John J. Mishanec, CCE, NYS IPM Program


1. Obtain additional yield data for onions following Sudangrass.

2. Evaluate how long the residual benefits of Sudangrass carry over into subsequent years.


In 1997 fields that were planted in onion following a rotation to Sudangrass outperformed adjacent fields planted in onion without rotation as follows: yields averaging 26 percent greater, onion numbers averaging 73 percent greater, larger onions, and fewer seedling losses. Seeding rates can be reduced in fields that have been rotated to Sudangrass. Long-term effects showed that two years after a rotation to Sudangrass there are still significant yield and number increases (18 and 13 percent, respectively), but they are not as great as the differences in the first year following rotation.