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Pheromone Trapping Systems: Refinement of Protocols for Monitoring European Corn Borer and Fall Armyworm in Sweet Corn; and Development of an Effective Pheromone Trapping System for European Corn Borer in Potato and Snap Beans 1997

Project Leaders: Janet Knodel, Wendell Roelofs and Charles Linn, Lee Stivers


1. Evaluate the additional components of the E pheromone blend for monitoring ECB in sweet corn fields.

2. Evaluate the preferred pheromone trapping system for monitoring ECB in potato, pepper. and snap bean fields.


The new pheromone lure with three additional components did not enhance trap catch. Pheromone traps were effective in depicting ECB flight activities in potatoes and peppers, but field scouting and sweeping are not recommended for either crop due to the volume of the foliage and difficulty of finding eggs and early-instar larvae. Sprays should be preventive in peppers (assuming a zero tolerance of damage) and in potatoes when the ECB populations are high enough to cause economic damage. Standard blacklight traps caught more ECB moths than pheromone traps in snap beans. ECB pressure was very low in snap beans in 1997, but the fact that signs of them could still be found is evidence that the scouting protocol that was tested has promise.