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Combining Cultivation and Interseeded Cover Crops for Weed Control in Transplanted Cabbage 1997

Project Leaders: Robin R. Bellinder, Jonathan Kirkwyland


Examine the effect of sidedressing nitrogen (with adequate moisture provided by irrigation if necessary) on weed and cover crop growth and cabbage yield when interseeded with hairy vetch or oats.


The additional nitrogen increased cabbage yields in all treatments by an average o six tons per acre. Three cultivations, either with or without an interseeded crop, provided weed control equivalent to the herbicide treatment and resulted in similar yields. Cabbage cultivated only twice, whether or not cultivation was followed by interseeding, suffered competition from weeds and/or cover crops. Analysis of the nitrogen content of the cabbage leaves indicated that low rainfall late in the season may have reduced cabbage yields despite the fact that the cabbage was irrigated twice. Additional research is needed to determine whether adjusting the timing of the cultivations could enable growers to rely on two cultivations instead of three.