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Evaluation of Turfgrass Establishment Systems for Pesticide Reduction 1997

Project Leaders: Frank S. Rossi, Eric B. Nelson


1. Determine optimum creeping bentgrass cultivar-specific seeding rates based on interval from sowing to functional cover on modified and native soil golf greens.

2. Evaluate microbial seed treatment on seedling survival and suppression of seedling disease.

3. Assess the impact of seeding rates and seed treatments on the incidence of foliar and root diseases in the mature turfgrass stand.


Higher seed rates showed more rapid germination than lower seed rates independent of cultivar and seed treatment. However, at four weeks after establishment, seedling survival, expressed as a percentage of pure live seed, was highest in the lower seed-rate plots. Reduced seed rates showed reduced frequency of disease infection and thus reduced need for fungicide seed treatments. In addition, the reduced seed rates appear to encourage substantial tillering, which has been highly correlated with traffic tolerance.