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IPM Implementation and Demonstration at Commercial Nurseries in Erie County 1997

Project Leader: K. Dean


1. Involve new cooperators, some of whom were identified at "Twilight Meetings" in 1996.

2. Provide structure to the 5 nurseries beginning their third year in the program to facilitate transition to a private IPM program.

3. Improve the effectiveness of nursery pest management strategies to use least toxic pesticides and reduce pesticide use.

4. Improve existing resource manuals.

5. Build on the Weed IPM program with species identification, mapping, and control strategies.

6. Continue to use new and feasible monitoring techniques for key pests.

7. Provide educational opportunities for non-participating nurseries.

8. Increase visibility of the IPM program at the participating nurseries.


Six nurseries participated in the program in 1997. Growers continued to see many positive results. Reductions in pesticide use were observed due to regular monitoring and use of spot treatments. The growers learned the importance of spray water quality and its effect on pesticide efficacy. Effective IPM strategies were communicated to growers by scouting their nurseries, organizing field days and grower meetings, and running a demonstration on bacterial blight on lilacs. Several additions were made to resource manuals.