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Suffolk County Oriental Beetle Pheromone Trap Monitoring Program 1997

Project Leaders: Andrew Corbin, Daniel Gilrein


1. To develop a system of pheromone traps that will enable us to monitor adult male beetle activity.

2. To evaluate subsequent larval populations in monitored areas.

3. To determine if there are consistent trends among trap counts and subsequent larval infestations as well as continue to provide educational updates to nursery growers in the Southeast New York region on monitoring and management of the oriental beetle.


A regression analysis of the data found no strong correlation between the number of adult males trapped over the entire season and pot infestation, measured either by percent infested pots or average number of grubs per pot. There was also no significant effect observed due to insecticide treatment. However, there was a strong relationship with cultivar: Ilex crenata had significantly higher levels of infestation than either Juniperus procumbens or Pieris japonica cvs. It was impractical to block out variation due to location, environmental conditions, and other factors that may have played a role in differences in infestations observed among host plants. Results should not be extrapolated for field-grown material or untested cultivars.