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Reduced Herbicide Rates for Narrow-Row Silage Corn 1997

Project Leader: Russell R. Hahn


Evaluate weed control and corn silage yields in 15- and 30-inch rows at two plant populations (30,000 and 45,000/acre) with full (labeled), two-thirds, and one-third rates of appropriate herbicide combinations for PRE control for velvetleaf and other annual weeds and for EPO control of yellow nutsedge and annual weeds.


Row spacing and plant population had no influence on weed control ratings. As a result, weed control ratings and silage yields for the herbicide treatments have been averaged across row spacings and plant populations. In the PRE study, the Prowl-plus-atrazine combination provided the following weed control results:

1. 95-100% control of redroot pigweed, common lambsquarters, and wild mustard at all rates

2. 95% control of velvetleaf at the full rate, 88% at the two-thirds rate, and 66% at the one-third rate

3. 99% control of ragweed at the full rate, 91% at the two-thirds rate, and 67% at the one-third rate

4. 98% control of green foxtail at the full rate, 93% at the two-thirds rate, and 85% at the one-third rate

There were no significant differences in silage yields among the three herbicide treatments.