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Demonstration of a Postemergence Weed Management Strategy and Reexamination of Grape Berry Moth Management Practices in the Lake Erie Region 1997

Project Leaders: Tim Weigle, Rick Dunst, Greg English-Loeb, Barry Shaffer


1. Demonstrate the postemergence weed management protocol developed by R. Dunst and B. Pool.

2. Evaluate Isomate-GBM as a management strategy for third-generation grape berry moth.

3. Evaluate reliability of current growing degree day model for predicting third-generation grape berry moth.

4. Evaluate the economics of the different pest management protocols described above.

5. Evaluate the different pest management protocols using the following means: Environmental Impact Quotient developed by Kovach, et al., dosage equivalents, number of applications, and pounds of pesticide used.


A postemergence weed management program was successfully implemented in two vineyard blocks, where it provided up to 90 percent reduction in ground cover under the vines at the preharvest evaluation. The amount of active ingredient in the herbicide applications was reduced by 400 to 670 percent. One grower was also able to reduce herbicide applications by one and saved approximately $11 per acre using the postemergence program.