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Implementation of New IPM Technologies in Blueberries and Strawberries 1997

Project Leader: Regina Rieckenberg


The objective of this study is to test sucrose sprays on large plots in a commercial blueberry operation.


A sugar solution and a device that emits prerecorded bird distress calls (Bird Gard ABC) were tested as bird repellents in blueberry plots. Less bird-pecked fruit were seen in the test plots than in untreated plots, and a two-hour bird count showed that fewer birds visited these plots than untreated plots. However, the sugar solution apparently had the undesirable effects of stimulating Japanese beetle feeding and bee and wasp activity. Birds habituated to the Bird Gard ABC to some extent after two weeks.

Two alternative fungicides, baking soda and monopotassium phosphate, were used to manage powdery mildew in strawberry fields. There was no significant difference in disease severity between the control plot and any of the treated plots.