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Biological Control of Spider Mites in Long Island Vineyards 1997

Project Leaders: Jan Nyrop, Greg English-Loeb, Wayne Wilcox, Alice Wise


1. Monitor the dynamics between T. pyri and European red mite in vineyards where these predators were released in 1996.

2. Release T. pyri into two additional Long Island vineyards and determine their ability to reproduce and survive there in the presence and absence of EBDC fungicide use.

3. Identify the impact of sustained EBDC fungicide use on established T. pyri.


T. pyri were recovered from all four release locations. Where they had been released in 1996, T. pyri numbers were relatively high in early summer of 1997 but declined later. At one of these sites T. pyri apparently provided biological control of European red mite. Where T. pyri were released in 1997 their numbers were moderately abundant during the entire 1997 season, and they provided biological control of European red mite at both sites. T. pyri were also recovered from plots where they had not been released, suggesting that T. pyri are endemic to Long Island vineyards but are probably not as resistant to certain pesticides as are the predators from Geneva, NY.