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A Strawberry Multidimensional IPM Systems Comparison Demonstration 1997

Project Leader: Joe Kovach


To develop and compare three different strawberry IPM systems (organic IPM, future IPM, and present IPM) for managing the New York pest complex.


Results of alternative control tactics employed in this project are mixed. Planting a rye cover crop did provide good weed control in the year of planting, but this did not carry over into the first fruiting year. The ribbon row planting system resulted in lower yields than the matted row planting system with herbicides. It is currently unclear whether this yield reduction was due to the rye cover crop, the increased weed pressure, or simply the rows being too narrow. Botrytis pressure was too low in 1997 to observe any difference among treatments. Spraying Mycotrol (B. bassiana) three times and vacuuming strawberries three times for tarnished plant bug (TPB) control did reduce the number of TPB-damaged berries compared to the untreated check plot, but TPB levels were still higher following these treatments than the levels remaining after the grower standard of one malathion spray. Planting 'Honeoye' strawberries is one effective nonchemical method of reducing TPB populations, as this cultivar appears to be resistant to TPB.