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Development of a Fixed Spraying Structure for High-Density Apple Plantings 1997

Project Leaders: Art Agnello, Harvey Reissig, Joe Kovach


1. Design and construct a pesticide application system of tubing and nozzles that is fixed onto the support structure of high-density dwarf trees, and compare its pest control efficacy with that obtained using a conventional air-blast sprayer.

2. Determine spray deposit and distribution patterns using each type of spraying technique.


Efficacy in control of plum curculio with two sprays of azinphosmethyl, and of mites with one spray of abamectin using the fixed spraying structure was equal to that obtained with air-blast applications. Foliar analysis showed spray deposition equivalent or superior to that of an air-blast sprayer. A fixed system might overcome many intrinsic inefficiencies of air-blast sprayers and promote lower use rates or least-toxic materials with shorter periods of residual effectiveness.