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The development of two distance-learning classes on Effective Spraying for organic growers in New York 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 82k

Project Leader: Andrew Landers, Application Technology Specialist, Entomology, Cornell University


LMany organic growers have never studied application technology and choose not to attend grower meetings where application technology and agro-chemicals are discussed.  This IPM-funded project uses the internet to disseminate information on application technology. To maximize the impact of this project two distance-learning classes of 1 hour each were developed. Course One teaches hand-held application techniques, Course Two describes boom sprayer use. Distance learning has gained popularity and acceptance, it has distinct advantages, particularly with many organic farmers and growers who have less time to travel great distances to conferences and workshops. The information learned is very useful to all farmers and growers in our attempts to optimise pesticide use and improve their understanding of good spraying  practices, resulting in more effective spraying.