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NEWA (Network for Environment and Weather Applications) 2010 - 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 528k

Project Leaders: John Gibbons, CCE Ontario County, Cornell University, and Curt Petzoldt, Abby Seaman, Tim Weigle, and Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM Program, Cornell University

Cooperator: Art DeGaetano, Keith Eggleston, and Bill Noon, Northeast Regional Climate Center, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University


The Network for Environment & Weather Applications (NEWA) conducts onsite environmental monitoring and transmits weather data to NEWA's servers which automatically calculate and provide tabulated weather data summaries, degree days, and IPM forecast model results for 21 insects and diseases. The average grower of high-value fruits and vegetables can save $19,500 per year in spray costs and prevent $264,000 per year in crop loss by using NEWA information. Funding support from the NYS IPM Program was drastically reduced beginning in 2010. NEWA was maintained largely through grants and with fees supporting four new expansion networks in neighboring states. NEWA usage continues to increase and the network has doubled in size with 216 station locations. Rainwise MKIII instruments continued to be added to the NEWA system. A new Ethernet interface: the IP100 was deployed in 2010. The Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) continued archiving data, running and refining the IPM forecast models, and providing the NEWA hourly data, daily weather summaries, and degree days. Several of the IPM forecast models have seen significant improvement, two new models have been implemented and three Decision Support Systems have been created.