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Tools and Training to Assess Profitability of Foliar Fungicide Use in Corn 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 1Mb

Project Leaders: Mary E. McKellar, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University, and Gary Bergstrom and Jaime Cummings, Plant Pathology and Plant Microbe-Biology, Cornell University

Keith Waldron, NYS IPM
Joe Lawrence, Extension Educator, CCE Lewis County
Keith Severson, Extension Educator, CCE Cayuga County
Kevin Ganoe, Extension Educator, CCE
Alex Wright, Carolina Eastern-Vail, Inc
Mark Ochs, Ochs Consulting
Dudley and Marshall French, Growers, Chemung Co.
Kevin Lloyd, Grower, Chemung Co.
Jason and Justin Kukon, Saulpaugh Farm, Grower, Columbia Co


Education and training materials were developed to assist growers in conducting on-farm corn foliar fungicide strip trials. Cooperators conducting fungicide strip trials during the 2012 growing season provided evaluation of web based educational materials developed for this project. Diagnostic support and hands-on corn foliar disease field workshops were offered to cooperators and others throughout NY State in order to boost confidence in identification of corn foliar diseases in the field. Data and observations collected and shared among a public-private network of cooperators as a result of the tools developed from this project will help build the knowledge base that will allow New York corn growers to make better-informed decisions about the use of foliar fungicides.