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Grape Growers Implementing GIS Mapping in the Lake Erie Region 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 47k

Project Leaders: Tim Wiegle, NYS IPM, Terence R. Bates, Cornel University, Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory, and Kevin M. Martin, Lake Erie Research and Extension Laboratory


Less than a year after the first GIS vineyard block map was generated by the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program, significant progress has been made in terms of grower participation in the GIS mapping program. Currently, over 55 grape growers in the Lake Erie region have taken advantage of the maps offered by the Lake Erie Regional Grape Program. As a result, over 11% of the 31,727 grape acres in the Lake Erie grape belt can be connected to a specific variety. Growers take part in the project by identifying their vineyard blocks either by short office visits, phone calls, or through emails. Each grower then receives three maps—acreage/variety, elevation, and soil—that give them a unique perspective of their farms.