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Sports Turf  TAG (Turf, Athletic & Grounds) Team, 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 200k

Project Leaders: Walt Nelson, CCE Monroe County

Cooperators: Ed Haight, Hilton School; Christian Hansen, Brockport School; Mike Miceli, Pittsford School; John Trenton Gates-Chili School; Jennifer Grant NYS IPM Program; Frank Rossi, Cornell University Department of Horticulture


Using IPM practices four sports turf managers with fields for players 12th grade and below will participate in a TAG team, hosting other field caretakers and managers: 1) sharing their turf  IPM management practices information and 2) critically evaluate colleague practices and effectiveness.  There will be monthly evaluations during the growing season.  Additionally, collalated practices will be available to turf managers via email and summerized during ESGI Conference 2013 and GFLNLA Education Day 2014.  Goal: Advance the adoption of high-level IPM among school sports turf managers, and an understanding of the rationale by school administrators and players.