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Community Compost Education Project 2012

Download the entire report in pdf format, 133k

Project Leader: Elizabeth Claypoole: Executive Director CCE Wayne County


Laurie VanNostrand:  Master Gardener Program Coordinator CCE Wayne County
Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV) CCE Wayne County
Totco. Inc. Child Care Programs Wayne County
Wayne Central School District; Kasha Grisley (Elementary School Teacher) 
Lyons Community Center; Mark DeCracker (Community Garden Coordinator)
Clyde 21st Century; Erin Thomas (Clyde 21st Century Program Coordinator)
Julie Goosen (Adult Leader for Country Kids from Lake Plains 4-H)


Unnecessary pesticide use not only increases human exposure but also increases potential impact on ground water quality. Consumers using IPM practices and compost as a soil amendment can decrease pesticide use. Compost can improve growing conditions for plants (plants that grow well are less susceptible to insect pests) as well as improve soil nutrient and water holding capacity reducing potential runoff so fertilizers and pesticides are less likely to end up in lakes and streams.