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Examination of a new iron-based herbicide for broadleaf weed management, 2012

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Project Leaders: David Chinery, CCE Rensselaer County, Chuck Schmitt, CCE Albany County, and Walt Nelson, CCE Monroe County

Cooperator: Jenny Kao-Kniffin, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University


Few alternatives exist to using the chemical herbicide 2,4-D and its allies to reduce broadleaf weeds in turfgrass. This project examined the use of a new, iron-based product called Fiesta to manage broadleaf weeds under variable timing and number of application regimes. Efficacy of Fiesta varied by weed species, with weeds including henbit, ajuga, white clover, oxalis and motherwort controlled by one application, while ground ivy was controlled in one or two applications and other weed species required three applications for even partial control. Date of application (June/July or August/September) was found to influence degree of control in some cases. It was also shown that sunlight and temperature may influence efficacy of Fiesta as well.