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The Network for Environment & Weather Applications (NEWA) 2011

Download the entire report in pdf format, 1.7Mb

Project Leaders: Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM, Cornell University; Tim Weigle, NYS IPM, Cornell University; Curt Petzoldt, NYS IPM, Cornell University.

Abstract: Weather data is fundamental for effective IPM, crucial for preventing crop loss, and essential for documenting damaging weather conditions. Over the last several years the New York State IPM Program's Network for Environment and Weather Applications (NEWA) has expanded through the work of Cornell University faculty, Extension educators, the Northeast Regional Climate Center, RainWise Inc. and farmers. Several apple producers, from Nassau to Niagara counties, recently installed weather stations in the network. RainWise, Inc. retrofitted their weather stations with leaf wetness sensors, developed and upgraded their software to deliver data to NEWA. NEWA's website, delivering the weather app's, was fully redesigned and launched November 2009: Our audience consists primarily of high-value fruit and vegetable producers. Workshops and presentations on NEWA were provided for these producers who offered suggestions for NEWA improvements. For apples, faculty revised and created pest forecast model web pages for apple scab, fire blight, sooty blotch/flyspeck, apple maggot, codling moth, oblique-banded leafroller, oriental fruit moth, plum curculio, and spotted tentiform leafminer. An apple evapo-transpiration model is in development and an apple carbohydrate model for thinning has become a proven success. These resources are made possible through coordination by the NYS IPM Program of a network of on-the-ground weather stations delivering weather data for its automated application to agricultural risk management.