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Determining the magnitude and geographic distribution of Western Bean Cutworm—a new pest of dry beans in New York 2011

Download the entire report in pdf format, 200k

Project Leader: John Keith Waldron, NYS IPM, Cornell University.

Cooperators: Carol MacNeil, Cornell Regional Vegetable Program, CCE Ontario County; Abby Seaman, NYS IPM, Cornell University.

Abstract: Western bean cutworm (WBC) is a new pest in NY that poses risk to dry bean production.  Pheromone trapping in 2010 and 2011 indicates that numbers are on the rise.  Scouting for damage in dry beans is quite difficult, so pheromone traps can provide a good basis for initiation of scouting to determine need for treatment.  The 2011 pheromone trapping network included twelve dry bean production sites in western NY to provide better local information on WBC occurrence to enhance dry bean insect management decisions. WBC moths were detected 11 of those locations. Timing of peak occurrence for traps located near dry bean fields coincided with peak WBC flight activity detected in other locations across the state. No reports of WBC damage have been reported for dry beans this season.