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Evaluation of the Effects of Disease and Insect Management Strategies in High Brix Niagara Grape Production 2011

Download the entire report in pdf format, 175k

Project Leaders: Tim Weigle, NYS IPM Program, Grape IPM, Cornell University; Jody Timer, Entomology, Cornell University; Bryan Hed, Plant Pathology, Penn State University LERG; Kevin Martin, LERGP, Business Management Extension Educator; Dr. Henry Ngugi, Department of Plant Pathology, Penn State University.

Objectives: Invasive species can have a major impact on the ability to export agricultural goods in our global economy.  Monitoring for invasive species yet to be found in NYS is a major component of the Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey, a cooperative project between the NYS Ag & Markets, the NYS IPM Program and Cornell Cooperative Extension grape programs.
1. Compare the effects of fungicide and insecticide programs for early and late harvest Niagara with respect to disease and insect control, cluster weight, and vine growth/vigor.
2. Determine the relationship between hang time/crop maturity and the manifestation of fruit rot during ripening of Niagara grape.
3. To articulate the costs of new spray guidelines and/or the economics of increased risk associated with high brix Niagara.

This proposal addresses National Grape and Wine Initiative priority 4, to improve integrated pest/pathogen management.