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2010 New York Sweet Corn Pheromone Trap Network

Download the entire report in pdf format, 280k

Project Leaders: Abby Seaman, NYS IPM, Vegetable IPM Area Educator
Keith Waldron, NYS IPM, Dairy and Field Crops Coordinator
Sandra Menasha, Extension Resource Educator, CCE Suffolk County

Cooperators: Adam Abers, Abers Acres, Kennedy; Brian Boerman and Mark Avery, ACS; Katie Klotzbach, Robert Hadad, Julie Kikkert and John Gibbons, Cornell Vegetable Extension Program; Molly Shaw, South Central NY Vegetable and Small Fruit Program; Jeff Kubecka, Kirkville; Dean Sprague, Cattaraugus County Cooperative Extension; Don Sweet, Crop Advantage, Janice Degni, CCE Cortland Co.; Linda Underwood, Preble; Jen Masters, independent consultant; Ken Wise, NYS IPM Program, Jeffrey Gardner, Cornell University, Hoffmann lab; Mike Stanyard, NWNY Regional Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Team.

Funding: USDA eIPM, Hatch funds to the Hoffmann lab, in-kind contributions from crop consultants and individual farmers

Abstract: Three important insect pests of sweet corn, European corn borer, corn earworm, and fall armyworm, cause damage to ears in their "worm" or larval stage. These pests are moths in their adult stage. Traps baited with the pheromones that male and female moths use to find each other are set up near sweet corn production in NY. The trap catch information allows growers, consultants, and Cooperative Extension and vegetable processor field staff to track the flights of the adults of these three pests, and trap numbers contribute to making informed decisions about when sweet corn fields need to be scouted or treated with an insecticide. In 2010 traps for a new pest, the western bean cutworm, were added to the trap network to survey where in the state they are being found. This project is funded in part by in-kind contributions from growers and consultants who host and check traps.