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Decision Support System for IPM in Potato/Tomato 2010

Download the entire report in pdf format, 540k

Project Leaders: William E. Fry, Department of Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology
Art Degaetano, Laura Joseph, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Cornell University, Ithaca NY

Abstract: A Decision Support System (DSS) for the management of potato and tomato late blight is being developed. A draft version is being evaluated by growers in New York. The DSS enables growers to access diverse tools in real time to improve their abilities to manage late blight with decreased fungicide. The tools are: i)ready access to site-specific observed weather; ii) ready access to farm-specific weather forecasts; iii) ready access to late blight disease forecasts; iv) models that enable growers to predict the effects of the various factors that influence late blight development. The goals of this project were to improve the components of the DSS and to make the DSS more "user-friendly". The improvements accomplished during the funding period were focused on the user interface of the DSS. The front page was modified to clarify the effects of fungicide, and a "risk alert" was added. The "risk-alert" is designed to inform a user of the relative risk posed by late blight in proximity to the user. The algorithms for the "risk-alert" were calculated and the programming to include this in the DSS was completed. Evaluations of the "risk-alert" will occur in the future. The availability of the "risk alert" and the availability of the DSS are designed to eliminate the use of unnecessary (insurance) fungicide applications.