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Determining the impact of cover crops on nematode population within the project – "Prioritizing cover crops for improving root-health and yield of vegetables in the Northeast." 2010

Download the entire report in pdf format, 345k

Project Leaders: George S. Abawi, Dept of Plant Pathology-Microbe Biology, NYSAES Geneva, Cornell University and Curtis H. Petzoldt, NYS IPM Program, NYSAES Geneva, Cornell University

Abstract: A project has already been funded from another source to assess the impact of eight cover crops on root diseases of vegetables and soil health. We will enhance this project by including pathogenic and free-living nematode assessments in soils where the cover crops grown. Results of the nematode assay will be included in the overall cover crop ratings that will be completed in 2011, included in a fact sheet to be prepared and in the Cornell Vegetable Guidelines, and presented at grower meetings.