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Improving Field Crop Extension outreach through Enhanced Growing Season 2010

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Project Leaders: John Keith Waldron, NYS Integrated Pest Management Program, and Russell R. Hahn, Department of Crop and Soil Science, Cornell University

Abstract: Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) educators are Cornell University's front line in helping New York field crop producer clientele with crop production and pest management issues. Keeping CCE personnel informed on the latest information and developments helps us meet Cornell's high standards for extension outreach and provides clientele with quality, pertinent, timely and user-friendly programs and resources that maximize our educational impacts. Enhancing communication opportunities between CCE county and campus personnel helps strengthen the outreach network, and is an important component of CCE's professional development. A series of twenty-one conference calls were held weekly to improve campus and field staff communication regarding field crop pest and crop management issues during the growing season. Each call averaged approximately 10 participants and lasted forty-five minutes.