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Validating a Phenology-Based Degree-Day Model to Improve Timing for Grape Berry Moth Management 2010

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Project Leaders: Weigle, T. H.; Carroll, J. E.; Loeb, G. M.

Abstract: The goal of this project is to validate the use of a temperature-driven phenology model to time the application of insecticide for the control of grape berry moth (GBM), the key insect pest of grapes in the eastern United States as well as to inform the New York grape industry of its existence. This multi-state project used replicated plots in vineyards in the Finger Lakes and Lake Erie Regions of New York, the Lake Erie Region of Pennsylvania and the Southwestern region of Michigan. The use of a temperature driven Phenology model to time insecticide applications for grape berry moth has been shown to have the potential to decrease the number of applications from three to two when compared to the conventional timings provided by the Grape Berry Risk Assessment Protocol.