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Weather-driven Grape IPM Forecast Models and Decision Aids from the Network for Environment and Weather Awareness 2010

Download the entire report in pdf format, 95k

Project Leaders: Juliet Carroll, NYS IPM

Abstract: Applications (NEWA) were improved further in 2010. The focus of the work
was on the grape berry moth degree day model, on making improvements to
the displays and pest management messages for the grape diseases powdery
mildew, black rot and Phomopsis cane and leaf spot and on migrating the
DMCast model into the Northeast Regional Climate Center database and
NEWA server. We also completed the leaf wetness algorithm investigations,
presented talks on NEWA, supported Extension educators' contributions to
newsletters to multiply the use of NEWA information for IPM, and grappled
with the complete loss of NYS IPM Program funding support for NEWA due
to the New York State budget crisis.