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Development of IPM Elements for Turf Grass: Lawn/Landscape, Sports and Sod Production 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 72k

Project Leader: W. Nelson, CCE Monroe County

Cooperators: J. Grant, NYS IPM; M. Petrovic , F. Rossi, Department of Horticulture, Cornell

Abstract: Turf grass is one of the few New York crops without an IPM management protocol (IPM Element).  This project corrects the deficiency and creates Element protocols for sod production (13 farms), sports turf (recreational, public and private school and higher education) and lawnscape (professionally managed residential and commercial lawns with implications for owner use of this element).

Similar protocols exist in Ohio (lawnscape) and Massachusetts (golf).  Neither follows the format utilized in other NYS IPM Elements.  Congruence with the NYS format is desirable.  Draft protocols were developed for the three turf grass areas.

Potential audiences individually and in small groups in NY’s Western, Capital, Hudson Valley and Long Island completed the Element protocol and provided revision comments.  Revised protocols were reviewed by the cooperators.

The revised Elements were offered at NYS Turfgrass Association and Sports Turf Managers of NY seminars.  Seminar comments are incorporated into the Elements and being added to the IPM Elements web site, where turf managers are able to utilize the Elements.