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IPM In-depth: Improving Crop Management in NY Greenhouses and Nurseries through Hands-on Workshops 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 20k

Project Leaders: E. Lamb, NYS IPM; B. Eshenaur, NYS IPM

Cooperators: J. Sanderson, Department of Entomology, Cornell; N. Mattson, Department of Horticulture, Cornell


Building on the success of the annual, campus based IPM In-depth workshop, (a hands-on educational program for growers) we proposed, and received funding from the New York Farm Viability Institute for, adding a series of programs to be held at locations throughout NY over a two year period.  We are working with five New York growers and the New York State Flower Industries to gather input regarding the content and the locations of these regional workshops and associated on-farm tours. 

In 2009, 57 growers from retail greenhouses, wholesale greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers, attended IPM In-depth programs of hands-on workshops in Ithaca, Binghamton and Rochester. The modules included aphid identification, fungus gnat control, botrytis/downy mildew and nematode identification and control, and measuring and understanding alkalinity in water.  Each module included a series of hands-on activities so the participants received direct experience with the topic.  Response to the program was overwhelmingly positive, with most participants planning on changes in pest and water management as a result of attending.