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Greenhouse IPM Advancement 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 20k

Project Leader: Gary Couch, Elizabeth Lamb, and Brian Eshenaur, NYS IPM

Cooperator: Tom Palomaki/Lucas Greenhouse, Lisa Massi/Massi’s Greenhouse, Larry Silverman/Silverleaf Greenhouse


The NY Farm Viability Institute funded a 2 year project designed to evaluate current pest management practices, formulate a plan to improve those practices and measure the impact of adopted changes. The project emphasized improved scouting/record keeping and improved control plans for specific pests that emphasize the use of biocontrols and least-toxic materials. One-on-one mentoring occurred at their operations so customized IPM initiatives could be provided for each grower. At the end of the project all participants increased their education and training efforts, added more on-site educational resources for employees and have incorporated biologicals and least-toxic pesticides into their management plans. All are using IPM/Biological Control in their promotional materials. In addition they all reduced the number of pesticide applications, the amounts used in each application and the area treated which also reduced their chemical budget. They also felt that crop losses to pests were lower and plant quality had improved.