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Integrated Pest Management Training in Pesticide Applicator Areas: Structural & Rodent and Food Processing 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 66k

Project Leader: W. Nelson, CCE Monroe County

Cooperators: L. Braband, NYS IPM; E. Berkeley, Horticulture Diagnostic Lab CCE Monroe County

Abstract: Pesticide applicators in structural and food processing categories regularly contact CCE, MC seeking both certification training and recertification training venues.  NYS DEC pesticide inspectors and Lynn Braband concur that such training is lacking in Upstate NY.  This industry segment is challenged, in the Greater Rochester area, in obtaining instruction, certification and recertification in these areas.  CCE, MC contracted for category specific training and prepared the CORE training in house, both curriculums emphasized IPM principles and practices.  Using the NYS DEC list of certified applicators in the appropriate categories, direct mail notification of a 30-hour training was offered during the winter of 2009.  Applicator training appears to be satisfied by firms making the applications, contrasting the view of those in NYS DEC, IPM and CCE, MC as interest in the training was lacking.