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Education and Outreach for Prevention and Managment of Bed Bugs in New York State 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 65k

Project Leaders: J. Gangloff-Kaufmann, L. Braband, A. Taisey, NYS IPM

Cooperators: J. Grant, NYS IPM; et al.

Abstract: In the past decade, bed bugs have made an astounding comeback all across the United States. Bed bugs are small blood-feeding insects that invade human habitats, specifically the home, and where people sleep. Since bed bugs were nearly absent for 40 years in the US, very little is currently known about them, both in terms of their biology and the public’s familiarity with their appearance and control. Educational needs for dealing with this pest are overwhelming, and include outreach to cooperative extension educators, Master Gardeners, pest control professionals, facilities managers, social workers, medical professionals, travelers, college students and their families, landlords, tenants of rented properties, and just about everyone else. Those who seem to be most vulnerable to bed bugs include those in multiple unit buildings, the elderly (living alone), and those living in assisted or group homes. Elderly and disabled individuals tend to have fewer resources and may lack the ability to recognize or deal with bed bugs.