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IPM Implementation and Education in our Community 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 22k

Project Leader: E. Claypoole, Director CCE Wayne County

Cooperators: L. Van Nostrand, Master Gardeners Volunteers, Totco Inc.

Abstract: There is a substantial need for pest management education in Wayne County as demonstrated by the type of questions we receive from consumers on our gardening hotline each year and by the type of presentation requests we receive. Integrated Pest Management education fills a critical role in Wayne County providing the basis for less toxic pest management education.

The Master Gardener hotline receives several hundred calls each year from homeowners requesting insect/plant disease control recommendations and information on how to maintain healthy plants. Although we make recommendations for the least toxic controls these recommendations are only small parts of the overall IPM plan, that when understood and implemented, would help homeowners be proactive rather than reactive when trying to control landscape pests and maintain their home landscapes . In addition, we receive requests from schools, libraries and daycare centers for garden related youth education. By understanding and adopting IPM practices Wayne County consumers can reduce their reliance on pesticides resulting in decreased pesticide exposure to humans and decreased pesticides in the environment. In addition, IPM education can help our youth understand their role in protecting their environment.

To meet the need for IPM education in Wayne County, staff and Master Gardeners developed a comprehensive power point for adults entitled “IPM: How You Can Create a Healthier Environment”, as well as a concise fact sheet to distribute to consumers. In addition a youth powerpoint, “IPM” was developed for middle school age youth along with 3 IPM kits targeting younger kids with hands on materials to enable them to experience IPM in a fun, understandable manner.