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School IPM Outreach and Research Activities 2009

Download the entire report in pdf format, 109k

Project Leaders: L. Braband, J. Gangloff-Kaufmann, NYS IPM

Cooperators: J. Grant, NYS IPM; et al.

Abstract: Integrated pest management in schools is needed to reduce risks to children and others from both pests and the overuse of pesticides.  The NYS IPM Program was involved in several outreach activities at schools in 2009. We organized and conducted on-site assessments of the pest management programs of several NYS school districts, three that have received the IPM Institute’s STAR certification. We also did on-site consultations for specific pest management situations at two Long Island districts and the New York City Board of Education. We participated in a nation-wide group preparing a USDA-funded Pest Management Strategic Plan for school IPM and were involved in plans to implement the Plan’s recommendations including organizing the Northeast School IPM Working Group. In 2009, NYS IPM Program staff organized a meeting of the Statewide School IPM Committee and assisted the US EPA in school IPM outreach in Oneida County. We also began planning a repeat of the statewide survey of school pest management policies and practices.