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Guidelines for Organic Production of Four Processing Vegetable Crops 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 45k

Project Leader: A. Seaman, WNY Vegetable IPM Area Educator

Cooperator: G. Abawi,,

Abstract: Farmers interested in transitioning acreage to organic production or diversifying their organic crop mix to include vegetables have had few resources to help them develop the nutrient, weed, and pest management systems necessary for successful organic production.  Available resources tend to be scattered across various web sites and publications, or are embodied in the experience of researchers and successful organic farmers.  Concerns about weed and pest management failures are often cited by conventional farmers as obstacles to undertaking a transition to organic production. To help farmers capitalize on interest from a major New York-based organic food processor in sourcing raw product in New York, and with funding from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, we have undertaken the job of coordinating the production of organic guidelines for four processing vegetable crops: snap beans, carrots, peas, and cucurbits.  These crops were chosen because they are purchased in the largest volume by the organic processor.