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IPM In-depth: Improving Crop Management in NY Greenhouses and Nurseries through Hands-on Workshops 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 1557k

Project Leaders: E. Lamb, NYS IPM; B. Eshenaur, NYS IPM Livestock / Field Crops Coordinator, NYS IPM Program; G. Couch

Abstract: Thirty-one growers, from retail greenhouses, wholesale greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers, attended the first IPM In-depth program of hands-on workshops, in association with the Floriculture Field Day in Ithaca.  In 2008, the modules were thrips identification, botrytis identification, and measuring pH and salts in container media.  Each module was 1 hour long and included a series of hands-on activities so the participants received direct experience with the topic.  Response to the program was overwhelmingly positive, with most participants planning on changes in pest and fertility management as a result of attending.