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Surveying Cornell Cooperative Extension Educators on Ornamental IPM 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 54k

Project Leaders: E. Lamb, NYS IPM; B. Eshenaur, NYS IPM Livestock / Field Crops Coordinator, NYS IPM Program; G. Couch

Abstract: While all counties in NY have ornamentals producers, not all counties have someone designated to answer their pest management questions.  An email survey was sent to all counties to determine which educators work with the ornamentals industry and whether the Ornamentals IPM team could be of assistance to them. Ten responses were from educators with whom we already cooperate and their responses reflected that.  For the remaining 20 respondents, most do work with or answer questions from ornamentals growers. The majority indicated that there was information or training that we could provide them that would be helpful in dealing with ornamentals pest management issues.  They would also be willing to help us organize grower training programs in their counties.