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Weed Suppressive Groundcovers 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 158k

Project Leaders: B. Eshenaur, Western NY Area IPM Educator, Ornamentals; A. Senesac, Cornell Ext. Long Island Research & Education Ctr.; I.T. Bradley, Cornell Ext. Long Island Research & Education Ctr; E. Lamb, Coordinator NY IPM Program, Ornamentals ; G. Couch, Eastern NY Area IPM Educator, Ornamentals

Cooperators: R. Baglia, Orange County Extension Educator; C. Logue, Albany County Extension Educator; S. Webber, Erie County Extension Educator

Abstract: Cornell research found certain that certain plants can be used to naturally suppress weeds.   These attractive plants represent a new market potential for NY greenhouse producers.  We have published a color brochure and website to describe these plants and promote their use to suppress weeds.  We also coordinated the establishment of demonstration gardens at several locations across the state.  The recently published brochures have been well received.   The increase in sales of these plants will be tracked prior to and during the two year period of this project.  An analysis of the results will be conducted.  The results will be shared state wide.