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NYS Field Crops Weekly Pest Report- Evaluation 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 172k

Project Leaders: K. Wise, Eastern NY Area IPM Educator, Livestock / Field Crops, NYS IPM Program; J.K. Waldron, NYS IPM Livestock / Field Crops Coordinator, NYS IPM Program; J. Dennis, Western NY Area IPM Educator, Livestock / Field Crops, NYS IPM Program

Cooperator: , Cornell Cooperative Field Crop Extension Educators and Faculty

Abstract: The NYS Field Crop Weekly Pest Report provides timely pest information to field crop extension educators and agricultural professionals. The report compiles weekly pest and crop observations collected by field crop extension personnel across NYS. In addition, the weekly report provides a vehicle to disseminate other relevant IPM information such as pest identification, scouting techniques and a calendar with suggestions for pest management activities. The pest report is distributed to clientele via the Cornell In-house Field Crops List Serve and Cornell Field Crop List Serve.  The audiences that subscribe to these list-servers include: Extension Educators, crop consultants, growers, agribusiness, and Cornell University Faculty. Twenty three issues of the NYS Weekly Pest Report were published in 2008. Extension Educators and crop consultants utilize the Weekly Report as an overview of timely pest information, and have found the report useful in alerting their local clientele regarding pest management issues. About 200 people receive the pest report as an email from our Cornell University based list server. Many of the articles from the report were used in extension newsletters that reached at least 14,000 people.