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2008 Trac Fruit Software for Spray Record Traceability Available Online. 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 53k

Project Leader: J. Carroll, NYS IPM Program, Cornell University, NYSAES, Geneva

Cooperator: C. TenEyck,,

Source of funding: Pesticide Management Education Program (PMEP), Cornell University

Abstract: Trac Software, an Excel-based record-keeping and reporting software program, enables easy maintenance and reporting of accurate crop protection records that are, 1)vital to a farmer's market edge, when global markets demand pesticide traceability, and 2) fundamental to IPM practices. 2008Trac Fruit Software were placed online for free downloading. This year, 645Trac Fruit Software files were downloaded by 424 people. 2008 upgrades included revisions to the pesticide data, the Trac Software Manual, and creation of Private Applicator Record and Restricted Pesticide Purchases report forms. Trac Turf Softwareprograms, TracGolf, TracGrounds, TracLawn, and TracSod were completed (report by Grant et al). 98% of farmers using Trac will continue using it for their record-keeping and reporting needs.