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Survey of Blueberry Plantings in New York 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 235k

Project Leader: J. Carroll, NYS IPM Program, NYSAES, Cornell University, Geneva, NY

Cooperator: M. Shaw,,

Abstract: Blueberry canker diseases are challenging to manage since management relies exclusively on proper pruning and plant health maintenance. Knowing which of the canker fungi are prevalent in NY blueberry plantings will allow growers to improve IPM practices aimed at maintaining plant health. A survey was continued in 2008 to ascertain which canker fungi are most common. On 12 farms surveyed in eastern NY, Phomopsis canker was prevalent, and in some locations quite severe. Fusicoccum canker and mummyberry were not found. Botryosphaeria canker was found at three farms. Other diseases of minor occurrence included Botrytis blight, a dieback (Pestalotia spp. or Pestalotiopsis spp.), and micronutrient deficiency. This work will be continued in 2009 in other regions of NY.