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Developing IPM Resources for Youth Gardening Programs 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 89k

Project Leaders: Monika Roth, Agricultural Extension Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins Count, and Leigh MacDonald Rizzo, Education Coordinator, Ithaca Children’s Garden

Cooperator: Molly Shaw, Area Fruit and Vegetable Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tioga County, South Central NY Agriculture Program, and Carolyn Klass, Cornell Diagnostic Laboratory, Entomologist.

Abstract: School gardens and youth gardening programs have arisen from the disconnect between children and the outdoors. Modern day children need more opportunities for physical activity and an improved diet with fruits and vegetables to combat childhood obesity. We propose to develop the plans for an IPM fruit and vegetable demonstration garden that will be illustrated by plants, cultural practices and signage, and to develop 6 hands-on IPM lessons to be piloted at Ithaca Children’s Garden. The purpose will be to teach youth (and adults) about pest identification, beneficial insects, and pest management. Training for use of the IPM lessons will be offered to area school garden coordinators.