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Site Assessment for Home Gardeners 2008

Download the entire report in pdf format, 19k

Project Leaders: C. Mazza, L. Bushway, Senior Extension Associate, Department of Horticulture

Cooperator: Master Gardener Volunteers ,

Abstract: In Community Horticulture extension education, home gardeners are taught to use many IPM methods. One that is an effective preventive method is called site assessment. It helps us to know about a site's ability to support healthy plant growth. Healthy plant growth helps to reduce the plants' susceptibility to diseases 'Site Assessment for Gardeners: a step-by-step workbook for better home gardens and landscapes' aims to be a valuable resource to help home gardeners. Engaging Master Gardeners in field testing, creating this new resource and educating home gardeners in the counties was a powerful method. Knowing what the opportunities and limitations of sites on properties is sound for IPM and other environmental issues, and helps in making wiser buying decisions. 80 percent of the gardening public who learned from the Master Gardener Volunteers in indicated that they would conduct a site assessment and they thought it was 1.5 times more important than having good gardening skills. Engaging professional peer reviewers provided their scientific expertise to finalize a step-by-step workbook. It was determined that this resource is valuable beyond New York State. A tri-fold promotional brochure is prepared for distribution to CCE and IPM outlets as well as realtor association as home buyer will find this workbook particular valuable as they address the needs of their new landscape.