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Trac Software for Turfgrass: TracGolf, TracGrounds, TracSod, and TracLawn 2008 Report

Download the entire report in pdf format, 116k

Project Leaders: J. Grant, J. Carroll, D. Marvin, NYS IPM

Abstract: We developed Trac Software for Turfgrass—user-friendly software, specifically designed for professional turfgrass managers in New York State to record, organize and report pest management and fertilization practices. It consists of 4 programs, TracLawn, TracGrounds, TracGolf and TracSod. This Excel-based software program, makes record-keeping and reporting for government agencies easier, improves the accuracy and consistency of pest management records, and promotes the practice of IPM. CDs of the software, including an instructional manual to guide users, were made available and distributed in 2008.  This work is funded by the New York State Turfgrass Association and the New York State IPM Program.